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Best Place To Hide Your Extra Car Key!

One of the questions I hear quite frequently is: Where should I hide my extra car key?

I used to use the Hide A Key which is a small  box with a super heavy duty magnet and normally it will attach and stay on any part of the undercarriage of your vehicle.. but when the flood came into Nashville a few years ago, I had went downtown Nashville to do a job and the water washing under the van washed my super heavy duty magnetic box hide a key away.. so I came up with a better idea that it wont wash away!

  1. Get a copy of the key you are wanting to hide.. (make sure it works before you hide it)
  2. But the key in a vice and using a 1/4″ bit make the hole in the key a little bigger and more round
  3. Unscrew the license plate
  4. Line up the key with the hole
  5. Put the screw back in!

And there you go! A key that wont fall off your car, No matter what flood comes your way!


  1. me Reply

    What happens if you lock your screwdriver in the car with your keys?

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