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When and Why To Choose A Professional Locksmith.

Locksmiths are an overlooked skilled profession that unless we make that gut dropping mistake of realizing we just locked our keys in the car, or maybe a divorce has just taken place and you don’t want him coming back in to get his underwear… normally locksmithing is not on our mind until these moments.  Here’s a few tips on when to call a locksmith and why you should choose a PROFESSIONAL one!

b32071e9e1cfae92e33b33f7c7a09e851) Have you just bought a new house? Let me set the stage:  Your now a proud homeowner, the real estate hero just handed you, your first set of keys to your new home! You now have provided a safe place for your family…. or have you?! The first thing you need to do is call a locksmith! We prefer you to call us, but why? … When the builder is building your home most times he has to give access to the contractors and others who are bringing in your fabulous home products…sometimes you can trust them.. but why take a chance.. because the flip side of that is someone who is not trustworthy may have the very key you now hold in your hand, and will have no problem after you have moved in our your valuables and you think you are safe.. they simply use the key and come in and take what they want… DON’T CHANCE IT! Call a locksmith let him re-key the lock and hand you a set of keys that now ONLY You have.. NOW you have provided a wonderful and safe home for your family!



2)Don’t get locked out of your car!  (Fellow key loser testimony ) “As a mom of 3, I often times get frazzled trying to round up my toddlers and balance the groceries all while trying to get my keys out of my purse with my teeth… suddenly I look through the glass window and see my keys waving to me from the ignition… Argggg. So now I need to find my phone, keep the toddlers occupied and happy, all while praying the milk doesn’t spoil…luckily though after I made the mistake once, my super smart husband said you would have saved a bazillion dollars and all the stress simply by going to get a few copies of your key made, hide them in really smart spots and wha la and so I did, I spent just a little money on some key copies…. I’ve locked myself plenty more times out of the car, (I have a talent) BUT now with the places the locksmith told me to hide the keys… I now only take a minute more to balance my craziness and I’m inside the car and saved myself a ton!”     So from this mom who learned the hard way, one of the simplest things you can do is simply go to a locksmith and get copies of your keys made! We will tell you how to hide them! And don’t worry for all the high tech cars now out there… we are certified and can make copies of those also! We have a walk in shop located in Smyrna, TN that makes it very easy for us to get you what you need!


NOT ALL LOCKSMITHS ARE CREATED EQUAL! We have had to fix other “locksmiths” mistakes more than once. As a matter of fact our area is so flooded with non-certified locksmiths that weekly I am fixing others mistakes that I just shake my head at and say if only this client would have called me first.. saved them a lot of stress and money if they would have called a professional in the first place!

Don’t be afraid to ask some questions, put your FBI hat on and interrogate them! “How long have you been a locksmith?” “Are you licensed with the state?” “What are your certifications?” “Has this locksmith had a background check?” See if they have a solution to the problem first, BEFORE they start drilling into your door. When you feel it in your gut that something isn’t quite right.. don’t ignore it!”

Why I think we are the locksmith to choose for everything that you need…

  • Yes! We are licensed with the state (TNLS #00037)
  • Yes! We are insured
  • Yes! We are educating ourselves with all the latest high tech keys and key opening equipment AND we have the certifications to prove it!
  • Yes! We are qualified to work within the range of  residential to high security government!
  • Yes! With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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